“We never thought this could happen to us as a close loving family.”

Parents and carers of young adults can be faced with difficult conversations around drug and alcohol use.

But in the case of Annabel’s parents, Peter and Alison, drugs were certainly not an issue they ever thought they’d need to discuss. They saw their happy-go-lucky daughter grow into a bright and sociable young woman. Until a night that changed their lives forever…

At just 20 years old, Annabel went to a music festival with her friends – she loved music and her goal was to one day be a dance teacher. During the festival Annabel took a pill from a trusted friend that was unknowingly laced with fatal chemicals. This split-second decision took her life.

Stories like Annabel’s are why your continued support is so important.


of children will try an illegal drug by the age of 16

Because of our Kids’ Protect Team, Life Education and schools are starting age-appropriate conversations on topics like drug and alcohol use.

We can’t thank you enough for helping Life Education to educate Australian children and protect them, helping to prevent parents like Peter and Alison enduring a lifetime of loss.