“The day the Life Education van came to school, it changed the direction of my life.”

Life Education has helped millions of Australian children for over 40 years. Jimmy Morrison was one of those children.

Jimmy was seemingly like every other young child. He had a family who cared about him, and enjoyed playing with his friends and younger brother. But there was a dark secret that Jimmy carried with him. For nearly a year, Jimmy was being sexually assaulted by a family friend.

He sensed that what was happening was wrong, but he didn’t have the words to ask for help, or even know what to call it. He felt alone and scared. That is until the Life Education van came to his school.

Sitting with the rest of his classmates, Jimmy learned about the right to your body—that “Your body is nobody’s body but yours”.

He was now able to identify what was happening to him, understand that it was not okay—and not his fault—and know where to go for help

The abuse stopped. But the effects were long lasting. Thanks to the work of Life Education, Jimmy now continues to make positive strides in his life—including advocating against child sexual abuse. He’s also a Life Education Ambassador, and passionately advocates for the education of children.

“I feel so strongly that education is the greatest measure any of us can take to protect young children. I can’t tell you how glad I am  that there are people like you out there, supporting Life Education. Thank you.”